RAA technology, short for Recombinase Aided Amplification, is a technology that utilizes recombinase, single-stranded binding protein and DNA polymerase to perform nucleic acid amplification under isothermal conditions (the optimal temperature is 39°C). The specific principle is: Recombinase, single-stranded binding protein, and primer form polymers to scan double-stranded DNA, unwind double-stranded DNA at sequences homologous to the primers, and single-stranded binding proteins (SSBS) bind to the untwisted single strand to prevent single-stranded DNA refolding. In the presence of energy and dNTP, DNA polymerase completes the strand extension and repeats the process.
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Product Advantages

Core Patents Independent Intellectual Property Rights

With RAA core technology invention patent authorization and innovative technology, meet a variety of detection needs


Capable of performing nucleic acid amplification at room temperature, Optimal temperature is 39℃, Complete nucleic acid amplification in 5-15 minutes at the fastest.


Accurate detection, Strong specificity, No-cross reaction.Easy operation, No need for professional laboratory personnel. With simple training, users can quickly master the operation

Mobile Laboratory

Intelligent&Portable, Detect at anytime, anywhere, No need for high-level laboratory, meeting the needs of multi-scenario detection.

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